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Design Education Resources for K-12 Schools

Promote a healthy love of creative design among your students with the design education resources from Design Education. Our organization is dedicated to supporting design education programs for K-12 students across the country. Contact us today to learn how we can help you teach design education more effectively to your students.

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Design Education
At Design Education, our main goal is to promote design education in schools from kindergarten to grade 12. We are interested in seeing 2D graphic design, 3D product design, 4D spatial design, and 5D experience design become part of regular instruction taught by teachers in every school across the country. Most of the other organizations that do what we do are part of a network with us. We all work together to achieve a mutual goal in design education.

How Our Organization Started
The value of design education is not self-evident. Some educators resist the idea of teaching design education and shy away from commercial design. We decided to start our own organization to provide schools with the opportunity to teach design education to their students.

We love knowing that we are providing hands-on education in design that offers an alternative to other criteria taught in schools today. This operation will transform education across this county.
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